[VRC/SDK3] Yarah

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  • Twist bones for for all major joints on the body.
  • Phys Bones: Pretty much anywhere they'd normally be and colliders all over!
  • 100% PBR textured in Substance Painter. The textures have already been crunched and compressed within the project for the highest detail with the lowest file size and VRAM usage.
  • This model is fully made with the metallic & specular workflow of Poiyomi shader. This models look will adjust depending on the map you're in.
  • Full-body ready and tested.
  • Expressions that can be combined with other expressions to create even more facial expressions. Facial expressions will not clash with expressions driven by contacts.
  • Bounding boxes has been edited so meshes do not disappear with occlusion.
  • SFW Prefab available.
  • Reduced Clipping Distance - Get extra close and comfortable!
  • Distance Based Darkening - The closer you get to the model the darker it gets, immersive!

SRanipal VRCFaceTracking Compatibility

  • Prefabs that are compatible with Sranipal blendshape setup are included.
  • This only supports EYE tracking, NOT full face tracking.
  • Prefabs with eye tracking have less features than prefabs without due to the added parameters from the eyetracking.

Appearance Edits

Shader Edits

  • Emission - Increase or decrease the models overall Emission amount.
  • Lighting Multiplier - Increase or decrease the models overall lighting amount.
  • Fallback Reflections - Enable this in maps without a reflection probe to maintain some of the models PBR reflection settings.
  • Outlines Toggle - Toggles the outlines effect on the body and face.

Body Edits

  • Skin-tone - Darkens the skin-tone.
  • Alternate Body Styles - Tattooed & Blank.
  • Ears/Tails/Wings Scale - Make her animal parts larger or smaller.

Color Edits

You can make nearly any color combination by modifying the Hue, Saturation and Lightness to your liking.

Hue modifies the overall color, lightness will make the shade of the area lighter or darker and saturation will add or subtract how much color is in the area.


  • Main Hair Color, Hair Tip Color, Animal Parts, Body, Outfit 1 & Outfit 2


  • Hair & Items

Avatar Dynamics Features

  • Anti Eye-Poke System! Her eyes will close if any fingers get too close!
  • Get close and personal with her for a kissy face.
  • Pat her head for a happy face with heart particles.
  • Grabbable and posable Glasses and Gag, you can toggle the grabbing to keep the glasses locked in position!
  • All of these features can be toggled to your choosing.

ThatFatKidsMom's Avatar Scale Prefab

  • Change the size of the avatar at anytime!
  • Simply set the avatars size on the slider in the menu then toggle OSC to reload the avatar and initialize the size change!

Dual Wield System by Liindy

I have modified Liindy's Dual Wield prefab to utilize some hand made on theme assets! You are able to grab and alter the crop and flog. Each item can be grabbed in either hand, dropped in the world and placed in two unique points on the body! (Drop them near her head to hold the items in her mouth.)

  • Each object will spawn on your Hip -> grab them with a Fist gesture.
  • Switch to reverse/alternate grip with Rocker gesture.
  • Switch back to normal grip with Peace gesture.
  • Object can be tossed in the air with Thumbs Up.
  • Object can be spun in hand by opening the hand.
  • Toss object to opposite hand with Fingergun.
  • Drop object by opening both hands at the same time.
  • Switch object to other hand by putting your hands close together, then opening the hand with the object to quick switch.
  • Holster object by opening hand near the holster area contact point (Drop them near her head to hold the items in her mouth.) with the object in hand.

Locomotion Fix v6

LocomotionFixV6 is a rework of its predecessors and is focusing mainly towards an easier integration of poses for Desktop and Half Body users.

  • 8 Desktop standing poses
  • 8 Desktop crouch poses
  • 8 Desktop prone poses
  • 8 VR Stationary crouch poses
  • 8 VR Stationary prone poses
  • 8 AFK poses
  • 1 preview pose


Animal Parts

  • Cat Ears/Tail
  • Dragon Horns/Wings/Tail
  • Head Wings

Main Outfit

  • Coat, Harness, Babydoll, Ruffled Thighhighs & Creepers

Secondary Outfit

  • Gloves, Thighwrap, Thighighs & Ribbon Heels


  • Belly & Dermals


  • Arm Bands & Toe/Finger Rings


  • Flog, Crop, Rope, Glasses, Headband, Crown, Eyemask & Heart Particles


  • Back: Long or Braids
  • Bangs: Loose or Straight



  • Prohibition on Redistribution: You are expressly prohibited from uploading, sharing, or redistributing this avatar to any third party.
  • Non-Public Use: You agree not to make this avatar publicly accessible or available for use by others.
  • Prohibition on Resale: You are strictly prohibited from reselling any version of this avatar, whether modified or unmodified.
  • Non-Sharing of Files: You are not permitted to share the files associated with this avatar with any other party.
  • Prohibition on Asset Reuse: You are explicitly prohibited from purchasing this avatar and using its assets for other purposes.
  • Editing Permissions: You may edit this avatar for personal use, provided that you do not extract or use individual assets without obtaining them from the original creator through a valid purchase.
  • Age Restriction: This avatar is intended for use by individuals aged 18 and above. Users under the age of 18 are not authorized to utilize this avatar.


  • Permission is granted to utilize the avatar for streaming, recording, photoshoots, and similar purposes, with the condition that appropriate attribution is provided when applicable.
  • Attribution may be fulfilled by linking back to the product page upon request or at your discretion when deemed necessary.
  • Tag your photos with #FLXAvatar on X so I can see them!
  • If you wish to apply to become an official affiliate with me & earn a kick-back for what your viewers buy, please apply here: https://flexuh.gumroad.com/affiliates

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[VRC/SDK3] Yarah

37 ratings
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